Wednesday 23 May 2012

Prints for Portugal

Title:  "Sannheten  Villedet" 
(Distorted Truth: Norwegian)
Media:  Offset disperslon technique, linoleum intaglio, 
Size: 65 x 110 cm
inkjet chine-colle, monoprint, pigment inkjet transfer and lokta paper string stitching on Hahnemuhle  paper.

This piece was created as an homage to those whose lives were taken at the Utoya massacre in Norway

Title : “Migratory Messanger”

Technique:   inkjet transfer,  chine colle and my special offset technique with perforations  (unique print)  on Hahnemuhle paper

Size : 66 x 110 cm

Connected to the ideas found in the visual language of ancient Egypt - it was inspired by the image of the falcon from that era.   This piece is concerned with the idea of a connection between a spirit going to the other world or the afterlife and the 'earth bound individual' left wondering about the meaning of it all.

“Sticks n Stones II”   

Technique:  collagraph( ‘a la poupee’) with inkjet chine colle,  on Hahnemuhle paper with minimal hand colouring.  artists/ proof
Size:  65 x 94 cm

I reworked this collagraph plate using acrylic resist etch media as I had never been entirely happy with it as it was.  It took many hours to ink it up in the three colors and then to wipe it.  I was relieved when I removed the blankets to see that it had printed successfully.  It is concerned with our relationship to animals originally inspired by my stay in Cumbria while on an artists residency.   I was staying in the heart of the countryside surrounded by lovely green fields with only the sheep and cattle as companions.

Title :Precious Earth (Historias) 

Technical info:   etched zinc, hard ground copper etch, trace monotype to inkjet chine colle,  collage to inkjet chine-colle.

Size: 59 x 75 cm

This work was a bit of an adventure for me and I even had to re-do one of the elements as I wasn't quite happy with.    It's somewhat related to another work I did which was concerning our planet -  and even though that artwork has the color green as its main element,  it's subject concerns  the 'Polar Ice Melt' and the plight of the bears.

In this case,  the aspect of existence which is in question is our ability to imagine ........something I hold very dear. 
The earth woman (the main figurative element on the right)  with her orb representing the ideal of humane values.......... watches the march of the spiderlings as they exit the house of the Russian fable.   The  empty chair inviting the audience to participate in this world of stories within stories.

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